Friday, February 19, 2010

Fits and Starts

Nothing spectacular to video today, but plenty of uneven progress on various projects over the last week or so. Charlotte continues to interest folks, having taken up a place of honor atop my small drawer cabinet. The rook is done and the knight is close to completion. Aluminum and brass rod stock has arrived for the full set. A lab to introduce diode functionality was written and done by the electric circuits class. And so on!

One noteable happening: last night was the inaugural meeting of the MSU Robotics Group where students are getting together to research and fabricate robotics related projects. For starters, they're going to be making a stationary arm that sets up dominos in patterns for domino toppling. The plan is to fabricate the mechanics and control it with an Arduino. The design options are being weighed and suddenly (as with so many things) a relatively simple concept turns out to require a surprising (for the students) amount of complexity. I'm happy with what has been accomplished already and looking forward to going over the designs with them, next.

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