Friday, September 3, 2010

Mk5 Torture Test & Calibration

To put the Mk5 through its paces I decided to print datafusions' ball(ball()). As can be seen, about half way through, the cumulative error in Z calibration caused a major shift. I let it finish printing, partly just to see if it would and mainly to continue testing the Mk5 extruder. It finished in 1 hour and 34 minutes, with the extruder passing with flying color (beige).

I then set about learning to calibrate the Z axis and learned a good deal about replicatorG, various calibration parts and skeinforge settings. It seems that simply setting the "carve" to 0.39 or 0.40 has reduced or resolved the issue. Each Cupcake is somewhat unique, so YMMV. I created a single walled, open, 10 & 20mm stairstep part as my own calibration piece and I'll have to upload it to thingiverse, soon. Note: Uploaded here.

Here are some of the fruits of the bot, so far:

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